Before filling in this form, we recommend you read through it first to make sure you have all the relevant information required. The required documents can be scanned or photographed via a mobile and uploaded via desktop computer or mobile phone. Please make sure they are clear and readable

NON-FOOD-TRADERS - you don’t need to list every single item but be sure to include main items, themes of style etc and % of stall dedicated to items: eg 75% clothing, 25% face painting.

FOOD CONCESSIONS: we will take care to book a range of types of food stalls, so we ask that you please stick to selling what you include on your menu in this application. You also don’t need to include every single item e.g. ‘a range of sandwiches, cakes and flapjacks’ is fine.
The area for storing stock, empties etc
Note: Traders will be supplied 1 x 16 amp supply. Any other requirements we would need to know in advance and this will be chargeable.
Please note: all staff MUST be 18+ on the day of the event.
If you select 'yes' conditions will apply.
Please note: Traders must arrive before the event on Friday 02 July between 12pm and 5pm and be ready for Health and Safety inspection by Saturday 12pm. Traders must remain on site until at least 11pm on Saturday 03 July after the event and be off site by Sunday 04 July 5pm. Alternative arrival times may be able to be arranged BUT MUST BE AGREED IN ADVANCE.
We have limited room for park-on vehicles within the production area. Each trader is permitted one support vehicle within the production area, not the main site.
We ask if you can provide free meals for Made in Leeds festival management. Meal tickets will be allocated.
Please select which documents you have and then upload scanned or photographed documents using the 'Choose File' box for each section that will drop down. If using a mobile phone, documents can be photographed with a phone camera and uploaded from your phone gallery.

PLEASE NOTE: No pitches will be offered without presentation of your current documentation as outlined below. Any documentation which will renew prior to the event must be emailed to us as soon as the updated documents are available.
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• Traders agree to co-operate fully with organisers and security. Organisers reserve the right to allocate stalls at their discretion, and to close down any stall that does not conform to the event regulations without recompense.
• Traders may not sublet any part of their stall or trading pitch.
• Traders must arrive before the event on Friday between 12pm and 5pm and be ready for Health and Safety inspection by Saturday 12pm. Traders must remain on site until at least 11pm on Saturday 3rd July after the event and be off site by Sunday 5pm. Alternative arrival times may be arranged if required BUT MUST BE AGREED IN ADVANCE.
• No generators may be brought on site and all traders with power requirements must bring with them a 40 metre, 16 or 32 amp cable per feed to plug into our distribution boards. Each trader will be allocated 1 x 16 amp power supply. If more is required this must be requested in advance and is chargeable back to the trader. Power available from midday Friday. Checks will be made to ensure no-one is taking more than their requested supply, any unauthorised connections will be terminated permanently.
• There is no running water on site and traders must bring their own. All grey water must be taken and disposed of off site by the traders.
• We will not allow sound/entertainment systems on your pitches at the festival.
• Traders must abide by all Health and Safety/ Environmental Health requirements.
• All traders must have adequate fire extinguishers with current inspection date.
• Food traders must have an appropriate number of fire blankets for appliances.
• All structures, drapes and decor must be certified fire retardant. Structures must be sturdy and safe. Risk assessments are required. • All electrical appliances must be PAT-tested with current PAT stickers. • All gas appliances must be certificated by a Gas Safe registered engineer. • Food traders must have a food hygiene certificate and be registered with their local authority.
• All traders must have public liability insurance, health and safety policy and risk assessment.
• Traders may not sell: Tobacco or smoking paraphernalia, drugs or alcohol or any soft drinks. In the case of tobacco/smoking paraphernalia and alcohol these will be sold at separate concessions.
• Traders may not sell drinks in glass receptacles.
• No food or beverages are to be sold from a non-food stall due to separate safety and licensing requirements.
• Items not permitted on site:- glass containers, body piercing equipment, acupuncture needles, items where duty has not been paid, illegal or controlled substances, NOS or related paraphernalia, laser pens, weapons, potential weapons or toy weapons, fireworks, generators, unauthorized sound systems. Glass items banned include all alcohol containers- even small ones for personal consumption. Please respect the land!
• No animals are allowed on site apart from guide dogs.
• It is preferable that Food traders use biodegradable plates, cutlery etc.
• Traders must keep the area around their pitch free of litter and leave pitches clean and cleared. Pitch checks will be made before your bond is returned.
• Vehicle movement must be kept to a minimum and no movement is permitted in the arena when open to the public. Traders must remain in situe until the arena closes at 11pm on Saturday without exception.
• Made in Leeds Festival will take all reasonable steps to ensure the festival goes ahead and is well attended, but no rebates will be given for adverse weather conditions or acts of deities, low levels of trading during the event, nor as a result of changes in performance programs or the re-siting of stalls.
• Traders will pay a Trading Conditions bond of £100.
Please sign the box with your finger if on mobile or using the mouse or trackpad on your computer with your signature